Assisted Living Plans are Not the same as Long Term Rentals

When you choose our  Senior Assisted Easy Living Rental Plan you can relax and know your needs will be taken care of while you keep your dignity and live your life as you please.  There are no curfews. And we make it simple! Rent, utilities, Tv, internet and the special care you will receive with the plan you choose, are one price. Our rentals are fully furnished, complete with towels to cookware, or unfurnished, It's your choice. There can be ramps and grip bars installed in most units. You don't even need a car to live here! Transportation is available to take you to your doctor appointments, shopping and general errands. Trips to Parker and Blythe. If you need to go to a doctor or hospital in Phoenix or Havasu we can arrange for transportation. We can take care of your forms and help with most paperwork you need filled out. We will make sure you are safe and are taking care of yourself by stopping by every day. Your dignity and independence is our priority. Nearly everything to live your daily life easier, is what our plans are based on.

Your Easy living Plan includes a spacious super insulated cottage with grab bars and a ramp if needed. See Pictures. Our newly built cottages will all be handicap accessible. Each unit has everything you need to live aside from your personal belongings.  

You don't have to worry about having enough food, medicines, utilities, tv, internet or lp gas, these are all included in the price depending on plan you choose.

Our park is level and graveled. It has a horseshoe drive so taking a leisurely stroll through the plush landscaped park is not only healthy but very relaxing.   

Our goal is to assist you with your daily routine so that you can stay healthy, safe and independent. There are many services we will assist with that are not listed. We treat every persons needs as thier own.

Plan: Easy Living 1

Costs $800.00 a month.

Plan includes;

Rent, Utilities, Dish Tv

How are you today? Visits each day.

Check to make sure your taking your medication(s) Every day

Trips to Town, Blythe and Parker, Doctors, Hospital, Walmart.

Drop off and Pick up at Senior Center. 

Help with forms filled out. Bank Statements.

Grab Bars & Ramp if needed.

Montoring of Heating and Cooling

Plan: Easy Living 2

Cost $900.00 a month.

Plan Includes;

All of Easy Living 1, plus,

Weekly Housekeeping

Weekly Laundry washed, dried and folded or hung.

One Prepared Meal a Day and 1 snack

We are a Non Licensed park. We cannot administer medications.

Plan: Easy Living 3 Our Best Value Plan!

Cost $1200.00 add $300. per x person.

Includes Easy Living plans 1 and 2 plus,

Blood Pressure Checks Each Morning

Assisted trips to SS office, Doctors and other appointments. We will sit with you during these kind of appointments so there is no confusion, if you wish. All forms filled and filed for you.

Pick up and delivery of prescriptions. General errands done for you. 

Grocery shopping done for you. You pay for items, we do the shopping & put away. We use coupons when they make the item less cost for you.

Two wholesome and healthy  meals a day Plus 2 healthy snacks. You will never be hungry.

Plan: Easy Living 4 

Cost $1300.00 $300.00 per extra person.

Includes Easy Living Plans 1, 2 and 3 plus,

3 Prepared Meals a day plus 3 snacks 

Staples, Barbershop, toiletries and Hair Solon